Volcano Apples

Volcano Apples

Today’s experiment took a scientific approach to learning with apples.  Here the children explored the science of reaction while observing what happened when an acid and a base mixed.  For this experiment, I took the most simplistic of science experiments and added our own special twist.  Read on to find out how to make your volcanos extra reactive.


Again we started our experiment by filling out the first part of our recording sheet.  After the girls listed their tools and predictions, we began.  Using a cookie scoop, I had the kids helps me core the apples.  While we worked we discussed the properties of the apple.  We focused on the five senses describing the taste, texture, smell and look of the apples. They especially loved to see the inside star design of the Apple.

Once the apples were gutted, the kids added a scoop of baking soda.  On top of the baking soda we added our special ingredient, a squirt of dish soap.  We then traveled to the backyard for the experiment.  We poured vinegar on top of the apples, while discussing about the reaction they saw.  The dish soap made the volcano extra reactive. It was so fun to see the bubbles flowing down the side of the wall from the apples.

For extra fun, the kids launched the apples, disintegrating them for use in our compost. The girls recorded their response and again rated the experiment.  They loved it and had lots of fun learning.  How did I rate this experiment?  I loved it!  All the children were engaged from start to finish.  It was again not expensive.  All we needed was apples, baking soda, dish soap & vinegar (all items we had on hand). What did I like best, the kids reaction, of course!




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