Our Trim Healthy Mama Menu


It already seems like a dream, we are back from our recent trip to Hawaii filled with lovely family memories of paradise. Excited to be back to my blog, I have loads of ideas and pictures saved up to share. But, first here is our Menu for this upcoming week as we get back into the swing of reality. Thanks to the help of friends on the local Unofficial Trim Healthy Mama Facebook Page and my husband, I had plenty of ideas to quickly draft this week’s menu. I so appreciate your help!!!

Monday: Leftover Beef Stew with a Large Side of Greens -S

Tuesday: Baked Buffalo Chicken -S (page 49 of Necessary Food)

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner -E

Thursday: Blackened Chicken with Mango and Black Beans (page 66 of The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook)-E

Friday: Low Carb Pizza -S

Saturday Parmesan Chicken -S (Page 161 of The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook)

Sunday: Crispy Fish with Green Fries -E

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