Magic Word Art

Magic Word Art!!


This engaging activity was a joy to put together.  After designing a couple of spring themed pictures, I was considering ways to incorporate spelling and word practice.  With the help of my white crayon, inspiration hit.  I wrote their words and letters on the the printed spring themed papers.  I then handed each of our kids a “blank” paper and asked them to paint.  The pure delight of each child was evident as they revealed letter, words and creative designs.  For an art and literacy center, use this fun technique to practice a variety of skills.  Here are few that we used:

Inchworm: My preschooler identified upper and lower case letters while my Kindergartner worked on her sight words.  My 2nd grader worked on her spelling words.

Flower Power: Using the heart flower petals, I wrote each letter for my 2nd grader to practice blending her spelling words.  On the vase, I placed the spelling pattern to help identify the words and decorated with a few embellishments.

Fireflies: For my kindergartner, I place sight words on the wings and thorax of this little critter.

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